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Use of this service is expressly forbidden to minors. You must be 18 years of age or older and you agree that you are of the legal age of consent for your Province or State to use this service. All information gathered is for billing purposes only, we will not share this information with third parties, please see our full Terms and Privacy Policy for more details. Our service is FREE TO TRY on Tolls only, when calling from a Landline or Mobile Device. Callers can browse greetings, listen to voice profiles and send messages all FREE OF CHARGE!! Live chat is a premium service that can be accessed from a Landline or Mobile Device. CASL – By accessing this service via published numbers you agree to receive promotions and subsequent offers for services.  For service blocking please call our customer service.  Please note that if you opt-out of receiving promotional and subsequent offers you will be permanently blocked from accessing any of our services. Callers will only be billed on Landlines after they have opted in and given their consent to use the premium service. Callers that dial the # number from a Mobile Device are billed as soon as the system answers. This service can be accessed from a Landline, which is Your Home Phone... or from a Mobile Device. Live Chat charges are as low as $3.33/min. We also accept credit cards. To contact customer support contact us.
18 U.S.C. 2257 & Custodian of Records